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Introduction to Adcomm Group

Importance of Trade Communications

Primary Capabilities

  • Trade Media Planning and Buying (Domestic & International)
  • Annual Trade Communications Plan/Schedule
  • Media Analysis
  • Competitive Ad/PR Tracking and Share of Voice Market Analysis
  • Trade Advertising & PR (Print & Online)
  • Print Ads, Banner Ads, Advertorials, Splash Pages, E-blasts
  • Trade Perception/Attitude Studies
  • Photography
  • 3D Renderings
  • Video Production
  • Branding and Package Design
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Collateral Materials (Brochures, Sell Sheets, Direct Mail)
  • Logos and Sales Theme Development
  • POS (Point of Sale Materials)
  • Promotions (National and Account Specific)
  • Trade Research


What Trade Communications Can Do for You

  • Drive sales of new products and services with buyers
  • Introduce new flavors/varieties/packaging
  • Educate buyers on your position in the category and share success stories
  • Convey new merchandising ideas and seasonal offerings
  • Communicate your points of difference
  • Open new markets/new channels of distribution
  • Demonstrate your dedication to the industry and your proactive approach
  • Provide constant and consistent communication
  • Become and/or remain category leader
  • Increase your percent share in the category
  • Target key accounts


Benefits of Trade Advertising and Trade Communications

  • Targeted- Approx. 89% of trade publication readers are directly involved in purchasing decisions.
  • Reach Multiple Buying Levels- Buyers, Merchandise Managers, VP’s, Presidents
  • Low Cost Per Contact With High Impact- Industry average is 24 cents per contact. Adcomm’s media purchasing average is between 8-13 cents per contact!
  • Consistency In Communication
  • Controlled Message Content, Timing and Frequency
  • Demonstrates Leadership/Commitment In Industry/Retail Channels
  • Awareness- Advertised products increase buyer awareness by 250% over those that weren’t advertised.2
  • Sales Support- Pre and Post Sales Effort



Did you Know?

71% Of Retail Decision-Makers Say Advertising In Retail Trade Publications Has Caused Them To Purchase Products For Their Chain Or Stores.